AAV ColorLab is a free plugin that gives you hardware accelerated effects for Vegas and Movie Studio. It uses the graphics card to offload the CPU, which can lead to massively faster rendering times and smoother previews!

11 January, 2009

AAV ColorLab release candidate 1

Download from Mediafire

Happy belated new year. It's been a busy period for me, but I've finally decided to upload a release candidate for v1.0. If this proves stable, the next one will be the final. After that, new features.

Release highlights
  • Fixed blend slider in Blur effect.
  • Fixed order of operations in Adjust. Gamma was being applied after output levels.
  • Fixed eyedropper cursor.
  • Added experimental “chroma” option to Blur, will perform chroma blur and leave luma alone (this is done with respect to the BT.709/HD definition of Y’CbCr).
  • Input levels in Adjust are now a three-arrow slider. The middle handle controls gamma, by setting the desired mid-level. Removed gamma edit box.
  • Added Preset menus to Adjust, for quick setup.
  • Freshened up UI and fixed various inconsistencies.
Current known issues
  • May fail on integrated Intel graphics despite PS 2.0 support.
Please let me know of any problems or successes with this release candidate, either as a comment to this post, or by mailing me (see the documentation).