AAV ColorLab is a free plugin that gives you hardware accelerated effects for Vegas and Movie Studio. It uses the graphics card to offload the CPU, which can lead to massively faster rendering times and smoother previews!

27 October, 2008

AAV ColorLab v1.0 beta 6

Download from Mediafire

(Update: The broken download link has been fixed.)

Here's beta 6, fixing the issue that plagued the last release, and an additional number of other improvements.

From ColorLab b6 screen shots

Release highlights
  • Beta 4 and earlier projects should be converted properly now.
  • New B&W user interface.
  • Fixed B&W color summing algorithm and in particular, the CMY controls were wrong.
  • Improved eyedroppers for black/white in Adjust/Levels. They no longer clip.
  • Improved quality in 6-vector and B&W, protection against amplifying CCD noise in very dark areas of the image.
  • Fixes to other reported and unreported bugs (see readme).
Please let me know of your experience with this beta, either as a comment to this post, or by mailing me (see the documentation).

23 October, 2008

Beta 5 issue

There is a rather disturbing issue in beta 5, in that it fails when loading .vegs made using older versions of ColorLab.

I have therefore removed the download links to beta 5, and am working on a fix for the issue.
  • If you already downloaded beta 5, it should work fine for new projects.
  • If you have old projects created with ColorLab beta 4 or earlier, I strongly recommend going back to beta 4 for now.
Update: The issue is fixed along with a few glitches reported by users, and beta 6 will be released as soon as I've done some testing.

If you are sure you won't be affected by this, here is the download link to beta 5 again.

21 October, 2008

AAV ColorLab v1.0 beta 5

(Download link disabled)

Here's beta 5 now, with tons of improvements. I know I'm stretching the idea of a "beta" version, but that's gonna change. Further versions leading up to v1.0 will only be bug fixes. The goal now is to get a fully stable v1.0 out the door. So please send me any problems you find. Thanks to everyone who's mailed me so far, it's very encouraging even to get complaints. :)

ColorLab b5 screen shots

Release highlights
  • Massive ease-of-use improvements to the user interface.
  • Easy White Balance correction - in the Adjust effect (formerly Levels).
  • Gamma control in Adjust.
  • Blur effect. Like the gaussian blur in Vegas but faster.
  • Fixed using ColorLab from multiple Windows user accounts.
  • Fixed (hopefully) extraneous keyframes being created.
  • Dynamic allocation and release of video card memory.
  • Many fixes and tweaks.
  • Improved documentation/readme, in PDF accessed through the start menu.
Please let me know of your experience with this beta, either as a comment to this post, or by mailing me (see the documentation).

What's planned for v1.0?

Here's the outline of what is planned to go into v1.0:
  • Bug fixes and tweaks to the range of settings, based on your feedback.
  • Rectangle-selection for the eyedroppers.
  • A 64-bit build for Vegas Pro 8.1.
  • "Linear light" gamma 1.0 RGB space support (you can see the checkbox in b5 already).
The latter two items are depending on whether I succeed in building a 64-bit version (Sony has no explicit 64-bit SDK and is unwilling to talk about it), and whether I find a way to store project-wide settings. Without this, the Linear gamma setting would be keyframed and thus annoying to use.

22 September, 2008

Fix: ColorLab on 64 bit Windows

I've been chasing a particularly depressing problem the last few days, which involved ColorLab crashing Vegas on my single core machine. Well, it turns out it wasn't my bug.

If you get a fatal error message about an exception in Vegas the instant you open the ColorLab user interface dialog (e.g. when just adding the effect), AND you are running good old 32-bit Vegas on Windows XP x64 Edition, then this hotfix from Microsoft may help you.

The problem is described in this KB article.

I had the problem in Vegas 8.0b, 8.0c as well as the trial of Vegas Movie Studio 9, it'll probably manifest itself in other versions as well. Just putting the fix out here on the off-chance that someone runs into it.

20 September, 2008

What's next...

Just a short teaser :). The next version will include a new effect: "Blur", which replicates and extends what the Vegas-builtin "Gaussian Blur" does, using GPU power. I'm quite excited about how fast it turned out. My low-end Quadro NVS140M laptop gfx chip can just about do PAL DV at 25 fps for any blur size. The Vegas blur runs at 13 fps using a single core on the laptops Core 2 Duo T9500 CPU.

Also included will be some bug fixes and a garbage collector for video mem usage.

16 September, 2008

AAV ColorLab v1.0 beta 4

Download from Rapidshare (direct)

Here's beta 4 finally, with a new MSI-based installer. This should hopefully work for everyone. You may have to be an administrator to install.

Please uninstall any earlier betas before using this!

Release notes
  • New installer, hopefully fixes the UI not working.
  • No longer installing files into Application Data folder, should help with "All users".
  • Rewrote Direct3D backend for stability and performance.
  • Minor fixes.
  • Changes from beta 3 remain, including crash fixes and major features, see earlier post.
Please let me know of your experience with this beta, either as a comment to this post, or by mailing me (see the readme in the start menu).

I'm working on some better documentation for the next version.

I hope you like it.

Notes about compatibility with earlier versions:

ColorLab won't replace Aav6cc in your old .veg's. This is intentional and due to internal changes. To summarize, please uninstall anything but:
  • Aav6cc v0.95a (if you need it)
  • ColorLab v1.0 beta 4 or later.
I will keep beta 4 and onward settings-compatible.

12 September, 2008

Delays, delays

Beta 4 is taking longer than I expected, partly due to a flu, university starting, and the fact that I'm cleaning up the code to increase stability.

Stay tuned though.

01 September, 2008

Installer problem

Sorry people. I've received several reports of only seeing a blank settings dialog, or none at all. It's likely this is a problem with the installer, which isn't registering the user interface DLL.

I'm changing installer system from NSIS to Windows Installer for beta 4, which should hopefully fix the problem. I'll post a new version as soon as I've ironed out the kinks.

31 August, 2008

AAV ColorLab v1.0 beta 3

Download from Rapidshare (direct, slower)

I've been hard at work on beta 3, lots of new stuff in this version.

Please uninstall Aav6cc v1.0 beta 2 before using this!

Release notes
  • Aav6cc is now named AAV ColorLab!
  • All-new user interface.
  • ColorLab has multiple effects: 6-vector, Levels and Black&White.
  • Levels combines the functionality of the stock effects "Levels" and "Brightness & Contrast".
  • Black & White works much like the one in Photosh*p.
  • AAV TransLab bonus plugin is built-in. Can replace a few of the stock Vegas transition with GPU accelerated ones: the standard fade, additive dissolve and subtractive dissolve.
  • Performance improvements due to better pipelining.
  • Stability improvements, hopefully no longer crashing for some people.
  • More effects and transitions will come, eventually! Send me your wish list!
Please let me know of your experience with this beta, either as a comment to this post, or by mailing me (see readme.txt or About dialog).

I just added the Paypal link to this new site, and I want to thank those who donated for 6cc in the past. It's nice to see that many liked it. I think the plugin (now ColorLab) could be sold for much more than €0, but I'd like it to remain free. Unfortunately, my ability to develop this in my spare time relies on donations coming in, so if you can - please send a contribution, however small.

16 August, 2008

6cc v1.0 beta 2

Download from Rapidshare (direct, slower)

Release notes
  • "Show current mask" and the transparency checkbox now work.
  • Stability/cleanup fixes.
Please let me know of your experience with this beta, either as a comment to this post, or by mailing me (see readme.txt or About dialog).

6cc v1.0 beta 1

I've readied 6cc v1.0 beta 1, I'd love to get feedback on how it works for people.

Download here (click "Free user" and wait a while)

Release notes
  • Huge performance wins, HD should be perfectly usable.
  • It requires DirectX 9.0c and a graphics card or onboard graphics chip with support for at least Shader Model 2.0.
  • No fallback to CPU if the new GPU engine fails in this beta. Be warned, it may crash.
  • "Show current mask" does not work in this beta.
  • I have not yet verified that results match the old version perfectly.
Please let me know of your experience with this beta, either as a comment to this post, or by mailing me (see readme.txt or About dialog).

6cc revived

I've decided to update the 6cc plugin, for a number of reasons. Most importantly, its performance hasn't scaled well over the years as it doesn't take advantage of multi-core CPU:s.

So I'm moving toward version 1.0, taking a whole new approach. It will initially be able to perform the same functions as v0.9.5 did, but with massive performance improvements from using your graphics card to perform the calculations. This "GPU engine" in 6cc will require DirectX 9c and a graphics card or on-board solution capable of Shader Model 2.0 in order to work. Back in 2004 these requirements would have been high, but it's now 2008 and it should be a comfortable baseline.

I've got it working and I'm polishing it up for a test release. More to come.

No new information will be posted at www.moosehill.se, so please update any bookmarks and links.