AAV ColorLab is a free plugin that gives you hardware accelerated effects for Vegas and Movie Studio. It uses the graphics card to offload the CPU, which can lead to massively faster rendering times and smoother previews!

16 August, 2008

6cc v1.0 beta 2

Download from Rapidshare (direct, slower)

Release notes
  • "Show current mask" and the transparency checkbox now work.
  • Stability/cleanup fixes.
Please let me know of your experience with this beta, either as a comment to this post, or by mailing me (see readme.txt or About dialog).


Anonymous said...

I tried this out, and I would find it very useful to have a selection softening available, as I introduce issues into my image if I try and do anything more than very subtle changes, however the capabilities of it seem very nice on my nvidia 8800GT (full Framerate, best no matter what).

thanks for putting it out there.

44v said...

Glad you like it. I'll see what I can do about selection softening. Most likely it will have to be a global control for all six vectors.

Timecom said...


just info about quick GPU test with your plugin. I have AMD X2 5000/ Nvidia 8800GT

aav6cc v0.9.5a - 3:15
aav6cc v1.0 beta2 - 1:38

good work :)

Thanks !

44v said...

Thanks, that's pretty cool. :) I haven't made many measurements myself yet.

There is a certain constant overhead in each frame of work the plugin performs, which consists of waiting for the graphics card. These delays could be hidden if Vegas sent me many frames to process at once. Perhaps I can improve performance a bit.

Another way to get more effective work out of the GPU "for free" is to roll more filter functionality into the 6cc plugin. This happens to be what I'm doing at the moment.

Mary Waitrovich said...

The beta 2 seemed to be working great on my green screen clips. Now, however my project crashes during render. In some trys, it renders but the 6cc clips have horrible distortions in the rendered movie. I know it's the plug in because the project renders fine when I uninstall 6cc.

I'm using Vegas 8.0b and I'm in Windows XP on 8 processor MacPro via BootCamp.
I'm going to try reinstalling the plugin, but fear I will have to remove it from my work flow. If you have any suggestions, I would appreciate hearing from you.
Mary Waitrovich

44v said...


I've just released beta 3, which hopefully fixes this problem you see.