AAV ColorLab is a free plugin that gives you hardware accelerated effects for Vegas and Movie Studio. It uses the graphics card to offload the CPU, which can lead to massively faster rendering times and smoother previews!

23 October, 2008

Beta 5 issue

There is a rather disturbing issue in beta 5, in that it fails when loading .vegs made using older versions of ColorLab.

I have therefore removed the download links to beta 5, and am working on a fix for the issue.
  • If you already downloaded beta 5, it should work fine for new projects.
  • If you have old projects created with ColorLab beta 4 or earlier, I strongly recommend going back to beta 4 for now.
Update: The issue is fixed along with a few glitches reported by users, and beta 6 will be released as soon as I've done some testing.

If you are sure you won't be affected by this, here is the download link to beta 5 again.


Anonymous said...


some questions from over at sony forum:

Q1: The eyedroppers work, but the cursor doesn't retain the CROSSHAIR? Took me sometime to work that one out! Why not retain the Eye dropper cursor?

Q2: Does the position of the features affect things?

Q3: What are the MINUS numbers for in the Black and White Tool?

Q4: I can not get the BnW to show just BnW? I'm still retaining colours?



44v said...

Hi leslie, I'll continue the numbering scheme. :)

A1: Yes, I'm figuring out how to override the mouse cursor for beta 6.

A2: If by position you mean the order in the list, yes, this matters. It is an effect "chain" just like the Vegas one. See the Read Me in the start menu under AAV ColorLab for more info.

A3: I'll make sure to mention this in the doc. It means that the color *subtracts* from the result. Adds black, if you will.

A4: I'm not sure what might cause this. Can you send me an example .veg?

44v said...

To let you know, there was definitely a bug in the B&W effect. The CMY controls didn't do what they advertise, and I've added a fix to the upcoming beta 6.