AAV ColorLab is a free plugin that gives you hardware accelerated effects for Vegas and Movie Studio. It uses the graphics card to offload the CPU, which can lead to massively faster rendering times and smoother previews!

11 January, 2009

AAV ColorLab release candidate 1

Download from Mediafire

Happy belated new year. It's been a busy period for me, but I've finally decided to upload a release candidate for v1.0. If this proves stable, the next one will be the final. After that, new features.

Release highlights
  • Fixed blend slider in Blur effect.
  • Fixed order of operations in Adjust. Gamma was being applied after output levels.
  • Fixed eyedropper cursor.
  • Added experimental “chroma” option to Blur, will perform chroma blur and leave luma alone (this is done with respect to the BT.709/HD definition of Y’CbCr).
  • Input levels in Adjust are now a three-arrow slider. The middle handle controls gamma, by setting the desired mid-level. Removed gamma edit box.
  • Added Preset menus to Adjust, for quick setup.
  • Freshened up UI and fixed various inconsistencies.
Current known issues
  • May fail on integrated Intel graphics despite PS 2.0 support.
Please let me know of any problems or successes with this release candidate, either as a comment to this post, or by mailing me (see the documentation).


Anonymous said...

still can't see "blur"!! and:
"when disabling & reanabling the aav colorlab bypass checkbox it will reset your levels>brightness & contrast settings." is still a problem.

44v said...

Thanks for the report. About Brightness & Contrast, it seems to work for me. It does lose focus from the "Adjust" effect though, but the results are still visible in the video window and if you click the "Adjust" effect in the list again, it should show up. Maybe I am misunderstanding, or perhaps your hardware is different. Blur could be affected by this too.

Could you please try running dxdiag.exe (just enter it in Start->Run) and click the button that says "Save all info" or similar in the bottom right area of the window. This generates a text file with your HW info, and if you mail it to me I can hopefully diagnose the problem more closely.

Anonymous said...

Could you reproduce AAV ColorLab using the node system in Blender. www.blender.org? for use within blender, it works in 32bit float and with openexr as well as many other image formats. There are RGB, YUV & HSL seperation nodes, various blur and defocus nodes also. thanks

44v said...

Do you mean as a sequence plugin? I've only looked briefly at the plugin API in Blender, but it seems feasible to port ColorLab over. I'll have a look when I find time, but no promises.

Anonymous said...

This fails on my Intel Graphics 945GM with latest DirectX 9.0c and .Net Framework

Carl Ådahl said...

There seems to be issues with ColorLab on Intel chip sets. I'll investigate but I need physical access to a computer with Intel graphics to debug the issue.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great, I hope to see the results if you can get access, so I can use ColorLab on the go on my laptop.

I have the latest Intel drivers too, but that's not saying much since they were published in February of 2008.

Vegas just crashes on startup with ColorLab installed.

Carl Ådahl said...

I think I've isolated the bug, the Intel cards don't support a specific but marginal feature that ColorLab is using to increase performance. v1.0 final will include a fix if all goes well. (It will detect an Intel chip)

Mark Holmes said...

Just want you to know their seems to be a bug causing Vegas 10.0c to crash while rendering if using AAV Colorlab. It seemed to work fine before 10.0c - had used it on renders with 10.0a and b.