AAV ColorLab is a free plugin that gives you hardware accelerated effects for Vegas and Movie Studio. It uses the graphics card to offload the CPU, which can lead to massively faster rendering times and smoother previews!

02 March, 2009

Next steps revised

I've got a busy time ahead since my family is expanding (!) and want to get v1.0 AND v1.1 out the door as soon as possible.

Therefore my priorities are as such:
  • Focus on core features.
  • Trim away obscure and unnecessary functionality.
  • Move towards a simpler UI with optional "expert" settings.
What's currently in the upcoming v1.1:
  • New white balance algorithm with Temperature/Tint sliders, like in Ad*be Lightroom/Camera RAW.
  • Protect Highlights feature for white balance.
  • Unsharp Mask effect.
  • Performance improvements on Shader Model 3.0 capable cards.
  • Optional high precision internal buffers.
  • Simplified 6-vector user interface (can still switch to old one)
  • Switchable color space (BT.709, BT.601 with NTSC or PAL primaries)
  • Improved documentation.
  • REMOVED: Effect blend levels.
  • REMOVED: Levels RGBA/RGB target dropdown. (made little sense as it was)
Will likely be cut from v1.1:
  • "Matte" generator for framing the image.
  • Smart Blur effect.
Comments, wishes or got stories of how you use ColorLab? Send me anything. :)


Anonymous said...

Well, no so much of a suggestion, but more a thank you for your good work! Keep it up! I'll try to think of something construction to suggest after some sleep!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if that's possible, but I really like the level adjustments as they are laid out in After Effects http://blogs.adobe.com/bobddv/images/ae_light_levels.jpg


44v said...

I like the look of that too. The histogram is something I've been planning to add, but are the rest of the controls easy to use in AE? They look a bit "numeric".. or can they be expanded to sliders etc?

Mary Waitrovich said...

Love the white balance adjust. I had to shoot a clip in an elevator with ugly UV lights and AAV colorlab fixed the green cast in one click.
Mary W.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the arrow on the left of each line expand so as to reveal a slider control. Very easy to control.

Carl Ådahl said...

Mary: Nice. :) There are some very useful improvements to WB coming in v1.1.

Anonymous: I like the sound of that. I'm trying to find ways to simplify and make the GUI more intuitive, and will take it into account.

Carl Ådahl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Headcell said...

I have an odd issue that arose after AAV failed to load.

AAV could neither be repaired or uninstalled due to a registry permissions error. I managed to change the permissions on the key, and eventually managed to uninstall then reinstall RC1.

Everything is fine except when I click the ‘FX chain’ icon in Vegas the AAV plugin has no name although it does have a name when looking at the Video FX tab.

Is there a registry key I can tweak that will bring the name back?

(Vegas 8.0c under Vista Ultimate x64)

jstuartj said...

Assume job! I look forward to give it a good shake down over the weekend. I would love to see some color correction tools mapped through alternate color spaces, ie Lab, CYMK, HSM etc...

Marcus said...

Hi Carl,

your little Plugin is great! Do you plan to bring out a version which also works under Vegas 8.1 (64 Bit) ?

Best regards


Carl Ådahl said...

Glad you like it. Yep there will be a 64-bit version if everything works out.

Marcus said...

Hi Carl,

can you say, when the 64bit version will be available?

Desperately waiting....



Rick Dolishny said...

This is really a beautiful tool. I'm not sure if my old computer is 'hardware accellerated' but it seems to run fine on my nvidia gforce 6200. Great work. I'm enjoying working with this a lot.

Carl Ådahl said...

64-bit as soon as I manage to develop and test it on my XP x64 box, which hasn't been working. But soon hopefully. If not in v1.0 then in a small update.

v1.1 will definitely have 64-bit support.

Carl Ådahl said...

Thanks Rick, and yes that 6200 should at least work but not necessarily be very fast. I'm in a similar situation with my laptop chip which is a low-end 8400.